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First day on board

when will I learn the ways around here??? :-P

Great date, why did anybody marry today?

Today the day started with the “Safety induction 2” training. Straight after we had a drill, where all alarms were practiced, also with the passengers. We as a diving team are some of the few who have to approach danger (e.g. fire) first. So we had to go to our specific meeting points straight away. Then there is the Crew alarm, then the general alarm (for passengers as well) and then the “Boat Muster Station” Alarm, that’s when all people move to their meeting points in front of their rescue device. It was ok, I just need to learn how to find my way to the specific points!! It’s a labyrinth!!!

After that I had two other trainings before I went to the diving counter to learn how to book and sell tours. Pictures were taken for the passengers to look at and I went to the tailor to get my uniform fixed (I had too many different sizes).
Tonight we had to go on stage to perform the club dance, luckily in the last row so that nobody could see me ;-) And now I’m just lying in bed!
Luckily, we can switch our watches one hour back, because we are cruising to the west, that gives me one more hour of sleep 
Tomorrow is another day at sea, let’s see what will happen!

Me in my bed with all the lovely decoration from my friends!!!

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The day X

finally on my way to AIDA

28 °C

After packing and repacking my suitcases for several times (Thx to Lisa and Carolin!!!), I was finally ready to leave! Couldn’t go to sleep coz I had to leave for the airport at 2am. Luckily, I had sweet visitors to visit me and even mom stayed awake, so I didn’t even have the time to have silly thoughts. No, I was actually pretty excited to go!
As usual at the airport Frankfurt granddad, grandma, sister and I had spent the waiting time at McDonalds before I had to say goodbye! For some reason it didn’t feel as if I leave for 6 months again. Probably coz I only flew to Mallorca!

The flight took 2 hours and I think I was already fast asleep before we took off. Once I arrived there was already an “agent” waiting for me to bring me to the ship. Off we went, through the roads where I had just been on holidays a month ago!
And then there they were: AIDAvita and AIDAbella!

I “checked” in, was picked up by the Crew Purser, handed in the one thousand forms and medicals I had to organize the previous weeks, got my ID card, my key and another hundred forms to sign before someone from the “Tours&Activity” Team picked me up!
Unluckily and fortunately, nobody from the diving tea m was on board yet. They both would only arrive that evening! So unlucky for me, because nobody really knew what to do with me and luckily because I was then able to get to my new cabin and get organized and most importantly could sleep some time after a sleepless night!!! I decorated my bed (decided for the lower one despite previous discussions :-P ) and slept for a few hours.

The afternoon passed by quickly, I went off the ship to find the famous shopping centre, but walked in the totally wrong direction. After around 25 minutes of walking (in jeans, thick Tshirt and scarf ?!?!) I got a bit annoyed and also realized that I didn’t bring my phone or money, because I didn’t plan to leave the ship. When I saw an ice cream shop I remembered that my granddad always says that I must put the money he gives me in my bra (so it wouldn’t get stolen), so I was happy to get a really yummie ice cream for my way back. I found the shopping centre and went back to the ship.

At 6.30pm I had my first “Safety Induction” training, but my collegues were still not there. Finally after this I met Thomas, my boss and later on André, another dive instructor. We did a lil ship tour, nice to know where all the things are on board THEORETICALLY, because it’s really hard to remember all the ways!!!
At 10pm we met to watch the departure on the crew deck before I went to bed.

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Only 3 more sleeps

and I am so nervous I dont even know what to do first....

Today was a great day! I didnt know my flight dates yet and I ignored that there is not much time left to do stuff! So it was a relaxed and lovely day with Lisa and a Mini Cooper :-)

I woke up early coz the post man brought a huge package for me: My brand new 6mm wetsuit! Its pink with Koi fish and bit kitschy, but hey its pink! Matches the rest of my dive gear! After I wrestled myself in and out of that suit Lisa and I drove to Frankfurt to pick up my visa (whoop whoop - 180 days working permit for Brasil) and to do my sea-medical which you have to do around 7 days before embarking.

Luckily, I had the luxury of getting a MINI COOPER from the BMW branch (thx to Walter) so we cruised to Frankfurt comfortably You dont feel the speed when cruising on the Autobahn with 180kmh!!! I love that car!!! Definately getting one "once" I'm settled somewhere ;-)
(Remark: Also announced to Lisa that the perfect combination for my future "family" is a Mini Cooper for me and a BMW X5 for my husband/boyfriend, lol)

So the Brasilian Visa was no problem, picked it up, have my passport back now which makes me feel more comfortable.

The doctor for the sea medical didnt write down my appointment but luckily agreed to do it anyway. It was the most ridiculous medical in the world, well ok followed by the Thai dive medicals of course ;-) The doctor didnt have a clue, just tested the first things that came to her mind and gave me the stamp. DONE

Then we went to Primark - the only one in Germany - spent over 3 hours and bought too much stuff and some necessities for the ship, e.g. a pair of leggins, beautiful underwear and a winter hat (?!?!) before we sped home with the great MINI (in dark silver..hmmm...a dream!!)


Once I was back home I found the long awaited mail with my flight details:
No Surprise:the date: Saturday 09-10.10
Big surprise: the time: 4.20am!!!
Hey, that is basically FRIDAY! That also means half a day less for packing and stuff! Now I am so nervous and excited and ahhh - I am unable to pack or do anything but sitting here and type!

Yesterday I also realized that I actually have to teach diving! I kinda need to prepare for that as well, as I had a break for 2,5 months!

To do:
Bring back Mini Cooper :-(
Movies with friends
Party with the girls
Get a hair cut
Go to Müller Markt or DM
Visit Dad

Ok, I am so overly annoyingly excited, I guess its best to go to sleep and read Harry Potter before. (Otherwise I always dream about the ship sinking or other chaos that is on my mind!!!)


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5 DAYS to go!

Getting ridiculously excited!

overcast 17 °C

5 days to go!


June 2nd: Application to AIDA

Once again, still being in Thailand, I have this crazy idea to apply to work on a cruise ship (AIDA). Looking back at my application letter I must admit that it was pretty risky to apply at a German company with such a "laid back" letter! - had probably to do with the fact that I wrote it under palmtrees at the beach ;-) Nevertheless:

June 28th: Invitation for the assessment Center!!

It took them 26days and I didnt even wait for it! Time flies when you are having fun! One day, out of the blue, I went to the internet cafe to check my mail when I found my invitation for an accessment center on July 20th - SOOO lucky, because thats just 4 days after I my return flight was scheduled!!! My heart jumped :-)

July 16th-July 20th: Welcome back Germany

I'm packed up my things and left Thailand just in time to be at my sisters graduation! Then straight to Cologne, AIDA Assessment Center! After an exhausting day of personal interviews, Knowledge tests (thx Anna for mobile assistance :-P), Dive Briefings and Underwater teachung skills presentations I was offered a postion on one of the 8 AIDA ships!!! When...which one and where to....unknown....
My excitement was only little! Had to wait for a call for my details....

July 22th

"Don`t worry be happy" - my mobile rang: Proposed contract:
Start 9-10-10, 6 months, Trans Amazon River cruise starting from Mallorca, then Carribeans
"Not bad for a newby at AIDA" HR person on the phone said!

I was speechless and couldnt believe my luck! Carribeans, JUST THE CRUISE I WANTED!!!

September 4th - 11th

Basic Safety Course in Rostock! This course was everything but BASIC. Firefighting, freefall rescue boats, well u must have seen the pics on facebook! After that there was a course specifically for AIDA, crowd management ("dont panic guys - the ship is sinking (ow no, no negative words allowed!!) ehh....let's move to our rescue boats! There is a space for everyone! Don't panic and noo we cant take our luggage!") and other service oriented lectures.

Last couple of weeks:

Endless visits to different doctors for medicals, a trip to the Brasil embassy to apply for my working visa (combined with shopping at Primark...:-), but it looks as if I am ready.
Tomorrow I will do yet another check at a doctor in Frankfurt and I'll pick up my visa (touch wood). I'll drive a Mini Couper!! A special treat from BMW to make my trip more enjoyable! :-) Even Lisa will be here and join me...so, it's great!

What's missing?

Now I just need another suitcase! One is already packed, I am very proud - 5 days before departure!
Also I didnt get my flight details yet! Im dying to know!


PS.: I am trying my very very best to settle down at the Heimat soon! I really do!!!

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