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Wow – sorry! I haven’t written in here for such a long time! So much has happened since the last entry but yet so little that I can actually put in words.

Life on a ship is indescribable, the way you feel, the way you work and the way you live – it is just so different from the life you live on land. Of course, I have plenty of hours off duty, however, you can rarely make use of it. Sometimes I work only six hours, but these are spread over the whole day, that means I only have 30minutes to one hour leisure time between different things I have to do that day. Sometimes I go to bed in the afternoon just to put my alarm on 20minutes later! In the evenings when my job is done I have two options. Either I go to bed early and get my required beauty sleep (lol), or I use my free time to “have a life”. If I do the latter, I usually add some alcohol and go to bed late which means that the next day is usually pretty tiring (luckily someone invented Coffeine Tablettes, a great drug that helped me recovering a lot lately! ;-). Anyhow, the point is that I rarely find the time to sit back and write emails (besides the horrendous price for the internet!). And I am so sorry about it! I have never felt so “far away” from my family and friends than I do here on the ship!!!

On the bright side – I have met so many great people and get to see so many new places. I also get more experienced in diving and get a completely new life experience! Dealing with so many different guests can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Just today I went on a trip as a translator and tour guide and it makes me feel happy when guests come to me in the end and tell me how nice the trip was.

Out of the blue, I met someone really special whom I spent most of the last two months with. Luckily, my boss is very understanding and we were able to arrange some “free time” to enjoy the Caribbean life together, for example, going diving together one on one which was one of my best dives ever (75minutes!!)! So I must admit that I had quite some leisure time lately, but that was filled by other things than sitting at my laptop! Yet again, I am so very sorry for not staying in touch with my dear family and friends!

Being here for nearly five months makes me count every day that it takes to fly back home. Not at all because I am unhappy or because I don’t like it here! It’s just because I am longing for some consecutive days of doing nothing :-)

Most importantly, I am learning that everything you do can only turn out as good as you give it a chance to be positive! For example, I was loathing Panama and Costa Rica for the past month, but yesterday and today were brilliant days. Yesterday in Panama, the snorkeling wasn’t amazing, but it was wonderful compared to previous times we have been here! Even though it was an eight hour trip it was a lovely group of people that shared their excitement of the tour – and in the end that’s the gaol: Make them happy and enjoy myself! And the most important thing is: Personally, I feel it is much much more nicer than sitting in a dark office for eight hours watching the snow fall down staring at a computer!

Every trip people ask me what I have been doing in the past years. I am 25 years old, I will most likely not follow the ultimate career path. However, I can say that everything I did so far feels absolutely right for me! ! I am grateful for every little place I have seen, even the dirtiest and poorest bit of cities – and nobody in the world can take all these feelings, impressions and experiences from me! The ship life has also taught (or is still currently teaching) me wonderful lessons. Too many to list them all I am not sure whether I will sign another contract or not – but I am glad I did it!

So I hope, that when I come back, my family and friends are as understanding as always and will be there for me just like all the many other times when I had left and returned after a wonderful experience! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best! Writing about coming back: I will finally disembark the ship (knock on wood!!!) in BARBADOS on April 5th so I will be home at the 6th! ;-) Get the sunshine back to Germany until then!!

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